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Being the experts with deep HR domain knowledge and vast industry experience, we understand the challenges faced by organizations today in dealing with their Human resources as well as in building a good HR team that can efficiently manage them.

  • Most Organizations are finding it difficult to place suitable and skilled HR personnel in time, though the headcount of HR professionals is high in the market.
  • Moreover, the selected HR personnel are unable to perform up to the expectations; due to which their HR initiatives are getting delayed and their task level activities are getting adversely affected!

Our Exclusive HR Professionals Placements add business value and contribute to improving organizational performance

NRich HR Talent Interview

Our Methodology

1. Sourcing

  • Create a successful hiring formula
  • Design recruitment channel mix
  • Prepare ideal candidate profiling

2. Screening

  • Profile level screening
  • Create a talent pipeline

3. Shortlisting

  • Observe the academic journey
  • Select the top suitable profiles using the bucket method
  • Profile sharing along with recommendation remarks
  • Talent branding of clients

4. Interview

  • One time interview coordination as per client convenience

5. Selection

  • Coordination
  • Compensation Negotiation
  • Offer Acceptance

6. Engaging

  • Maintaining Rapport with selected candidates
  • Making offered candidates to join

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